Why soy candles vs others?

There are many reasons to purchase soy candles vs paraffin or other types of candles. Most customers enjoy soy candles because they burn 30-50% longer and a lot "cleaner".  They are free of soot and many harsh chemicals.  Expect clean, even and an extended burn of your products.


Are all of your products hand poured?

YES! I hand pour every single melt and every single candle you order!  Very special care is taken that you receive the best possible product with a personalized touch.


Can I customize my candles?

Yes!  Please send me an email at greyharpcandles.com or call me (812) 345-3729 to let me know what you have in mind!  I can create custom candles for businesses, any type of event (bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, graduation, you name it!), holidays, schools.


What is your order processing times?

Due to the wide variety of scents offered, most candles and melts are hand poured to order, depending on the time of year.  Order processing times are 2-5 days, if you need something faster than this please let me know. 


Do you offer local pick up in the Bloomington, Indiana area?

YES!  There will be an option at check out for local pick up.  Please select this option and I will email you when your order is ready to set up a date, timeframe and place for pick up.  I can also drop off to work/home/etc in the Bloomington and closely surrounding areas.


Oh no!  My candles arrived and one broke during shipment!

Bummer!  Please email me greyharpcandles@gmail.com or call (812) 345-3729 for any issues with an order or product.  


Why are some of the candles different shades in color than others?

With all candles there are areas of frosting or air bubbles that sometimes natural occur.  This is a part of the candle making process!  Also, I do not add any additional dye to the soy wax so you will see only the mix of the fragrance oils and soy wax.  Some oils react differently to the wax than others depending on what the scent is.  You will notice that they vary in brighter white, cream colored, light yellow and some to a hue of light orange. This is normal!


Any other questions or concerns please contact me.  Thank you!